We are not isolated components

In our last post, we talked about how magnetic work is one of deconstruction. Fixing leaks rather than gathering more energy. Otherwise, your energy will leak away.

But your leaks can be several: physical, emotional, energetic, and mental. It’s not as easy to simply fix your thinking processes or focus only on mental leaks. It needs to be a combined approach.

Your body is connected to everything. You are not built from isolated islands with little communication with each other.

Your inner voice is not isolated from your body, energy, and emotions.

Your energy doesn’t act alone.

What you do in your physical body has a ripple effect on everything else. And the same with all the other facets. An energetic chance always has physical, emotional, and mental consequences. And so on.

Everything is connected with everything.

We tend to consider what happens in our minds as an isolated thing. If we have negative thoughts, let’s change them. But often, you’ll find their bodily and energetic aspects causing the thoughts, not the other way around.

So you need to focus on the energy to get rid of them.

With that said, your leaks can be several and with different dimensions.

That’s why we can’t focus just on one thing. We need to focus on the whole body, energy, and emotions.

By becoming aware of everything happening inside of us, we can better fix our leaks so that magnetism can grow instead of being wasted away every single day.

When we know how our energy is behaving, how one thought is connected to a particular energetic block, how this block is causing a specific emotion, etc., then we are better suited to fix it.

If we are only focused on one dimension, then our toolbox is quite limited.

That’s why the magnetic path is one of self-knowledge: mental, emotional, energetic, and physical. Start it here:
>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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