What are you protecting against?

We have talked before about how your blocks are defense mechanisms that you learned during your life – more often than not very early in life, but also in the later years – to defend you from particular situations.

And because you had no better way to defend yourself, you contracted internally – your body and energy contracted, preparing for impact in a defensive action.

That is our usual tendency.

The problem is when we unconsciously learn these defensive actions and continue to use them years later when we have much better tools to defend ourselves. Or better, we have other ways to interpret the situation we are facing.

For example, a date is not necessarily a threatening situation. But then, why are you contracted and unconsciously defending yourself? You can now interpret this situation in a different – better – way. Still, your internal blocks and defense mechanisms are not allowing you to.

As you energetically work with those blocks, there’s an important question you need to ask yourself: what is your block protecting you from? What exactly are you defending against?

In the date example above, you could be defending against not being loved by the potential romantic partner. Or maybe defending against possible aggressiveness, you may think that they will have because of past experiences.

The possibilities are endless.

But there’s something you are – unconsciously – protecting yourself against that is limiting your magnetism and projection in that situation due to the internal energetic contraction you have.

The block is reducing your range of expressions due to something that you are protecting yourself against.

The work that must be done is integrating what you are protecting yourself against.


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