What do You Want?

The poet Joseph Brodsky said:

“The eye identifies itself not with the body it belongs to but with the object of its attention.”

Many people want to achieve certain goals and objectives in life… yet many times, their focus and their attention is on a precisely different subject.

For example, you may want more money in your life, so how much of your daily attention is on investing or on building a business or in generally understanding the language of money? And how much of your daily actions are actually in that direction?


You may want to have more fulfilling relationships, so how much of your daily attention is on caring about other people, on listening to them, on setting out the time to be with them? And how much of your daily actions are actually in that directions?

You have probably understood where I’m getting at.

Many times those people who want more money in their lives, are busy doing more friends, while those who want fulfilling relationships are busy chasing money or even diving deep into their inner feelings.

The keyword here is DAILY. Not once in a blue moon. No, it must be DAILY attention and DAILY actions. I would even go as far as saying HOURLY, but it might scare you.

You become what you place your attention on and what you repeatedly do.


That’s why a relentless awareness of your attention, and behaviors is necessary to achieve whatever you want out of life.

Which is pretty much what we train at the 10 Steps to Inner Power here:

>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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