What if you were already magnetic?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:“What if I had already developed a solid inner power, a good personal magnetism and a strong will? What change would this have in me?”

First of all, there’s an actual physical change.

If you develop a magnetic personality, according to our teachings, your body changes. Your gaze becomes bright and vital, the skin clears up, your posture improves and your face becomes more vital and young.

It also disappears from your face the fear, embarrassment, depression.

You stop being influenced by the external energies of those around you and start to radiate your own magnetic energy.

Slowly, you start to recognize this power.

It certainly doesn’t come from one day to the next. So it’s unlikely you notice these changes straight away. You only notice it when you compare yourself with your previous self. Then you will notice this change.

There’s one interesting change that happens as you become truly magnetic: as you gain power and “luck” starts to favour you, what you had seek and wanted before has now less value for you.

As you start to get what you think you wanted before, it no longer has the same value. Somehow you value it less.

Instead you begin to value enormously your new found power.

Not as much the influence over others – this is only fun in the beginning, then it simply becomes normal. But the true values comes from understanding the underlying energies and “laws” that govern yourself, others and everything around you.

That’s the fun part!

When you start to use these energies and “laws” into your benefit and see them work time and time again. It’s like you have a secret key to life!

You don’t become invincible or the superman.

You become aware.

That’s the biggest benefit of personal magnetism and energy control.

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