What is holding you back?

In sexual energy, avoiding interacting or communicating with someone you are attracted to is common.

This can take shape in several ways, like avoiding eye contact, avoiding being alone with someone, not deepening the conversation, ignoring any signs of attraction, and so on.

If you catch yourself doing this, you know you have some deep work to do.

It’s prevalent to ignore this in terms of energy and focus on the more straightforward aspects of the exercises without going deep into what you are feeling and the real problems.

It’s often not on purpose or a deliberate scheme to sabotage the process. Still, instead, it’s an unconscious process that protects us from situations that may hurt us.

No one wants to face that, and no one wants to face uncomfortable situations.

Yet, without uncovering these deeper blocks, sexual magnetism can’t unfold completely.

If you are avoiding something, it means there is a heavy resistance inside. A block, a contraction, something that is stopping you from doing something. Hence, it is a defense mechanism.

These bigger fears – the ones you avoid – are precisely what holds you back the strongest.

It’s not that your biggest fears will never happen; maybe they will. How can I or anyone else know? Instead, you need to make a conscious decision on how you want to lead your life and handle these fears instead of allowing them to unconsciously rule your behavior and energy.

Without facing them and consciously choosing what you want (or don’t want), you will always be led by automatic defense mechanisms and energetic blocks inside yourself – with the consequences you already know.

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