What is your attractiveness level?

With Sexual Energy, Charisma and Personal Magnetism in general, there’s a very simple rule:

Either you attract or you repel.

Either the traits and energy you possess in yourself are attracting people to you, or they are repelling.

It’s a simple binary rule.

The kind of energy you emit will then define the type of relationship they have with you. It can be a sexual type of relationship (with sexual energy) or an overall attractiveness (with personal

But the rule is simple. Either you attract or you repel.

How do you know what you are emitting?

It’s simple. Just observe if new people you meet are drawn to you or not. Are they interested in getting to know you? Are they interested in being around you?

Maybe some of them are. And others aren’t. But how about the majority of them?

Are you drawing MOST people in? Or are you repelling most people?

And above all, are you comfortable with these results? If the answer is yes, then it doesn’t quite matter.

For example, in some periods of my life I’m quite comfortable in repelling most people. In other
periods I prefer to attract most people.

But having a choice is always better than not having one.

Knowing whether you are mostly attracting or repelling allows you to know your levels of personal magnetism, so you know what to improve.

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