At any moment in life, we have a level of awareness and consciousness that determine what you are aware in your daily living.

If you are a clock maker you are going to notice many details about the clocks you see in your daily life that simply go unnoticed to everyone else.

If most of your day you are thinking about investment opportunities, guess what you will see that others won’t?

That’s normal and it’s a consequence of your training and also of where you place your attention most of your day.

This is also true of your own internal experience and energy.

For some people, starting to become aware of their own thoughts it’s a revolutionary experience. For others, it’s simply a part of their lives.

Regardless of what course you take in Charisma School, you are always training within your level of awareness.

The goal is to expand that level, to become aware of a bigger energetic world, but you have a starting point that is going to be different for everyone.

You won’t expect that a 5 year QiGong practitioner to have the same experience out of Vitality and Energy Training than someone who never even heard of energy before.

Their current awareness of energy is completely different and so they will be aware of distinct phenomenons during the course.

For someone who never heard of energy before, just discovering this aspect of themselves will be mind-blowing. While for someone who is used to working with energy, will focus on different energy movements and qualities.

So you always train on your current level of awareness.

For example, a current student who was working on releasing several energetic blocks on the Vitality and Energy Training, asked me if the blocks were gone once he couldn’t feel them anymore.

And the answer is that he got rid of the blocks on his current level of awareness. Once his awareness deepens, even by doing the EXACT SAME exercise he will most likely find deeper blocks to work on.

How deep you want to go is a matter of your own objectives and goals.

Maybe for your own objectives it’s enough to work on a few blocks on the superficial energetic layer. And indeed that’s enough for most people with personal and sexual magnetism type of objectives.

But, if you are like me and want to go as deep in this energetic world as possible, you’ll find yourself re-doing the courses and exercises with a completely different outlook and level of awareness, only to find deeply buried blocks inside your energy layer.

That’s also one of the reasons that we offer a lifetime access to all courses. This way you are able to go as deep as you want to and improve your awareness as much as you like.