What is your intuition?

Intuition is a fairly complicated topic.

Intuition is a process that gives you the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning. You don’t have to think to know something.

When faced with 2 or more choices, you are using your intuition when simply know that one of that choices is the correct one for you; it’s the one you should choose.

Many different and interesting points arise there.

Another word for intuition is often gut feeling, or gut reaction. It’s not by accident that you called it a gut feeling, first because it’s a feeling, something that you actually feel inside and very often you feel it in your gut, although not necessarily there.

So when you are faced with those 2 choices, you feel something inside of you pulling towards one of them in particular. You don’t know exactly what and why but you know you should follow that particular path.

This feeling can be more or less strong, but you simply know that it’s pointing you in one specific direction, one decision or one path one action.

When you reflect on the other ones, either they don’t feel anything or they don’t feel that strongly. Sometimes it can even be that you feel that one path or one decision feels definitely worse than other ones. So you know you shouldn’t pick that one.

Therefore, intuition is a feeling.

But it’s not just a feeling as when you are cold or when you are hungry or when you are angry. It’s not an emotion, or a physiological reaction. It doesn’t come as a reaction to an event, like when you’re being pushed to do some public speaking.

It’s different from all that.

Somehow it simply feels different, like it comes from a different place. Its has energetic movements for sure and advanced charisma school students can recognize that.

But it often goes deeper than energy itself.

The intuitive feeling it’s a certainty but doesn’t move like regular energy, or even feels like a regular energy block. You can experience it like something that comes from deep inside, deeper than physiological reactions, emotions, mind and even energy itself.

Where does it come from? That’s a discussion we’ll leave for another time.

With that in mind, intuition is manifested inside of you and you recognize it in your feelings. Hence, the more aware you aware of whats inside of you, the more aware you are of your own energy and it’s manifestations AND the less resistance you have from this energy to flow inside, the more your intuition can stand out.

You can work on allowing your energy to flow freely inside in The Unblocking Process and you can train in improving (and understanding) your own energy awareness in the Vitality and Energy Training. When you have done both of these trainings, your intuition is bound to stand out frequently and often!

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