What Type of Laziness do you have?

Many individuals apparently live in a sort of culture of laziness. They take the path of least resistance in many events and actions in their daily life. And this is manifested in three ways. You can be “guilty” of just one of them, or all three.

First of all, there is the laziness of the body. This means avoiding any kind of physical exertion or not caring of your body.

Taking the escalator, not exercising, going by car when you can easily walk to the same destination, not caring about food intake, among others.

It’s the most common way of laziness and what most people associate with.

Then we have laziness of mind. It happens when there’s very little effort to actually use and control your mind.

It doesn’t mean that you should now memorize all your phone numbers, but it means that maybe you should not look to your phone and facebook when you have nothing else to do. How many times does this happen during your day? Are you addicted to checking your phone, facebook or similar services? Do you have other mind compulsions? Can you focus your mind at will without getting side tracked?

Then we have the laziness of thought. This means relying on the same thought processes always without changing.

It’s easy to spot: are you lazy on your word usage? Do you constantly use the same limited set of words? Do your use “amazing” and “great” to avoid more elaborate description of your thoughts? Do you use filler words similar to “like” and “you know”?

Do you feel like your mind is constantly working on the same mode? Do your thoughts all feel the same? After reading a book or an article, can you recall exactly what you read? How easy it is for you to do that?

These are a few examples of the culture of laziness, which tend to be more common as technology advances and makes our lives easier. But we shouldn’t settle into this mode of living since it creates atrophy in our mind, body and thought.

All of them must be moving, active and dynamic. And this is useful not only for magnetism – which thrives in activity and variety – but for our life in general.

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