What you Imagine you can Achieve… NOT!

There is a common saying on self-help books:“Whatever you imagine, you can achieve”

It’s very nice and sounds good, but not very down to earth and not close to everyday reality.

How many people across the world consistently imagine themselves winning the lottery?

When I was younger I imagined myself winning the lottery quite often, especially before going to sleep.

Needless to say it hasn’t come through… YET 🙂

Even though I used an extreme example – winning the lottery – the sames holds through for all the other ambitions we might have.

Imagination or thinking alone, as valuable as it is, holds little power when done alone.

EXCEPT… if it’s intrinsically connected to your Will.

When the imagination is NOT a dream dependent on luck or outside circumstances, but instead, is something you can see a way through it, that you can genuinely connect our Will to the end result, then you have very good chances of reaching it.

It’s not a blind goal, but a genuine Will connection.

How do you know if it’s connected to your Will?

You can FEEL it!

When you say inside yourself something like: “I want to win the lottery!” or “I want to win a billion dollars”… it just feels ungrounded. Like it’s something in the clouds.

But compare this to any goal you know you have a true and good chance to achieve. Whether it’s winning a competition or be promoted or get more money in your next project.

Notice what you feel. Usually, if you are connected to yourself and your body, you feel a much more grounded sensation. Something really concrete!

If you continue with this goal in mind, imagining it, working toward it, taking actions and connecting your Will to it, then you can be sure you’ll achieve it sooner or later!

Differentiate your “dreams” from your “true goals” with this “ground feeling” you get in your mind as you think and imagine them!

Connect with your Will using the training course 10 Steps to Inner Power:

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