Who do you want to be?

Aristotle said:“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

In other words, your identity is defined by your actions much more than your personality.

You may identify yourself as a good friend, but if when a friends needs you, you turn your back on him, then this identification will not hold.

Actions and behaviors define you every single day. What you do today, tomorrow and the day after, has repercussions on your identity.

You may think it’s fine to skip a workout today since you don’t feel like it. We’ve all been there. But then it suddenly becomes fine to skip several workouts and next thing you know, you haven’t worked out in two months. Not only that, but you have slacked off in your diet as well.

This also works on the other way around.

If you always work out, it tends to create an identity of discipline. You go to the gym whether you feel like it or not. Then it becomes easier to maintain a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The choices you do everyday define your identity.

The bad news is that you can easily destroy a good identity in a weak moment of your life.

The good news is that you can easily reinvent yourself just by having different behaviors.

By choosing different actions, behaviors for your daily life, you can literally create a new identity for yourself.

The question now remains: who do you want to be?

Regardless of who this “New You” is, use your Inner Power to generate the strength for taking new actions and behaviors outside of your comfort zone.

Start to do it with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training here:

>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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