Why are you gazing at me like that?

A few years ago, I was walking around in a busy downtown area. My mind was quite busy thinking about some business deals I was undergoing at that time, so I was completely oblivious to what was around me.

I was passing everyone but not looking to anyone in particular. I was deep inside my own thoughts.

But one set of eyes caught me completely off guard. A woman’s gaze was set on me from afar.

I immediately noticed it even though my mind was not there; which meant her gaze had a strong power, energy and intention… and also a sexual tone.

We both stopped in the middle of a busy street with everyone walking around us.

Smiling, I asked her:

“Why are you gazing at me like that?”

She replied:

“I wanted to talk to you only I didn’t know how. But I didn’t think you would notice me looking at you.”

“I’m very sensitive about other people’s energies.”, I replied.

And we continued to talk for a few minutes. We exchanged numbers and ended up dating for a while.

At this moment in time, my magnetism was quite good so I was already fairly used to being approached one way or the other.

The interesting thing about this particular woman was how she projected her particular strong intention in wanting to talk with me.

It was very noticeable. I felt it quite clearly.

And remember that she didn’t had any kind of energetic training.

At the time this reminded me how natural these abilities are. Someone without any training, but with a strong intention and a fairly good natural projection can do something like this.

This particular woman was very expressive. You can instantly know what she was thinking about. Her energy was honest and natural.

Very few projection blocks in her.

And this went to prove how important is to let go of your projection blocks. They are the one preventing others from feeling your energy and what you want to transmit.

Even if you have a great energy control inside, if you can’t project it (or if it’s being stopped of being projected due to your internal blocks), nothing will happen and no one will feel it.

Projection blocks is something we work at length to eliminate in the training: Become a Sexual Man.

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