Why don’t you have more sexual magnetism?

Many readers and students question me why they don’t have more sexual magnetism if they have a large sexual desire and many sexual thoughts.

This is indeed a common question and one of the main issues with the development of sexual magnetism.

First, you’ll need to consider that sexual desire is not the same thing as sexual energy.

Sexual energy is expansive and abundant, sexual desire is – more often than not – needy.

With sexual energy, you want to give it away. You want to share it with the world. You are spreading your abundance.

But, with sexual desire, you want to take something from the other person. You want to satisfy your own need.

They are completely different beasts.

So if you are constantly with sexual desire, it’s important that you transform this desire to sexual energy. Stop feeling needy and start feeling expansive and abundant. Share instead of take.

With that said, the main reason why you may not have magnetism is probably due to a blockage of your projection.

I’ll go as far as to say that you can be filled with sexual energy, but if you are blocking your external projection, nothing will get out.

Ever met those people that regardless of what they are feeling they always look the same?

That’s the same situation.

When you are blocking your external sources of projection, nothing can get out.

No one can feel your awesome sexual energy.

You are simply blocking everything from going out.

It’s like your gaze, and touch and movement and voice are blocked up. There’s something there cutting off your sexual energy from your gaze. In other words, you don’t feel anything sexual in your gaze or voice.

All the sexuality is confined inside.

That’s why you can be highly sexual on the inside but very little is projected to the outside, and no one can feel it.

You are not allowing it.

If you still have these external blocks that prevent all this energy to go out, it doesn’t matter how many exercises of sexual energy, how great your mindset is.

Then, of course, frustration is bound to happen. You are bound to feel negative and transform the sexual energy once again to desire and on to a vampiric – needy – energy.

The training we have that deals with the unblocking these projection sources is the Become a Sexual Man course. In there, you work in getting all your projection sources – voice, touch, movements, gaze, etc – resonating with sexual energy.

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