Why New Year’s Resolution Fail

Today is the last day of 2014. A good year for some, a bad year for others. It’s also the day of setting up many new year’s resolutions that fall on the sidelines after a couple of weeks of January.Why don’t these resolutions work for most people?

Because it’s hard to maintain your motivation and setting up the new habits necessary to succeed in those objectives.

The inner power and powerful states are usually lacking, and because of this, when motivation fails, there’s nothing else to rely on.

I’m 100% sure you can avoid eating an ice cream or a greasy burguer when you are full of motivation and energy. The problem are the down days. Those days where you may not feel your best. Which everyone has, regardless of your own inner power.

Those are the days when the resolution and goals sit on the sidelines. And then starts the downward spiral.

These days are where your will, thought control, behavior and mind control really comes into play. This is where you truly need the tools you learn in Charisma School and other places.

A true understanding of the Will is necessary for these bad days where the motivation is just not there.

Sometimes we must be a vehicle moved by our Will.

And this is what makes a difference from a person with true inner power and the rest. When all the energy and motivation is lacking, a person with a strong inner power can keep going, keeping his goals in mind. He (or she) can control his own thoughts and behaviors, especially on these low motivation days.

He will find energy and motivation to keep going when there’s none to be found.

Charisma School wishes everyone a Happy New Year, filled with Inner Power, Personal and Sexual Magnetism and a deep Magnetic Gaze!

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