Why you don’t get attraction

One of the main reasons of why you don’t get sexual attraction from others is the blocking of your own sexual energy.

Particularly most men seem to build walls around their sexual energy. They see someone attractive on the street, and the first reaction is always to block. To be neutral.

It’s rarely a reaction of allowing or acceptance of the energy that naturally rises.

It’s often a reaction of blocking.

And when you block it, you repress the energy, causing many more problems down the line. It’s like you are saying to your unconscious:

“This energy is not welcome. I don’t want it inside of me”.

So it will transform and find other outlets of expression. Many of them won’t be good for you (such is the case with many psychosomatic illnesses).

When you accept the natural sexual energy that rises inside of you, you allow that energy to flow in a healthy way inside of you.

The proof of concept is quite easy (although you do need to already have some sexual energy skills). Experiment with both.

You already now how you feel when you block sexual energy. Now attempt to allow it to flow freely when it pops up inside of you.

I can guarantee you that it will feel 100x better!

It’s a very pleasurable sensation. Radically different than the frustration it causes when you block it.

Even if that frustration is minimal at one specific occasion, the buildup really weighs in on you.

This does not mean you should be approaching everyone or talking to everyone you see just because sexual energy rises in you.

No. All you want is to accept your internal energy. Allow that energy to flow inside of you, instead of blocking it.

Feel the pleasurable sensations inside. Allow the sexual energy to flow in your body, instead of trying to be neutral.

If allowing and acceptance is your natural reaction in all these situations, then I can assure you that your sexual magnetism and sexual attractiveness will definitely increase.

That’s the secret of “players” and natural born seducers. You don’t see them repressing the energy, instead you see them welcoming the rise of this sexual energy.

We have created two trainings to help you in this path.

With Sexual Energy Mastery you learn to identify and accept the sexual energy inside of you, as well as releasing most of the internal blocks; while with the Become a Sexual Man you dissolve the external projection blocks so that the sexual energy can be easily projected to the outside world.

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