Why you don’t have a Ferrari

William Walker Atkison wrote:

“Thoughts crystallize into actual things. What we feel in our heart, harbor in our mind, think about, dream about, will in time develop from these tiny seeds into full growth.”

This is the basis of New Thought philosophy and many other authors aside from Atkison. What we think, becomes real.

But this law is also very misunderstood.

Thanks to books like “The Secret”, this law became increasingly popular. And that’s a good thing. The problem is that it’s not explained as it should.

Most people are using it as a way of daydreaming. Imagining yourself in a ferrari and in a mansion with a butler, while your current bills and problems get dissolved into thin air.

I wish it was this easy. Everyone will have their ferrari’s parked at their front door. But the true application is far from daydreaming and building “vision boards”.

The law goes much deeper than this.

It has precise techniques and ways of using it.

And once you understand it, you understand a little bit more the universe around you, how to make sense out of all of this and, of course, how to use it for your own benefit.

Starting with a control over your thoughts is a great way to start. We talk at length about it on the 10 Steps to Inner Power.

I would say this is the very least you can do. And it’s interesting that everyone already thinks they are doing it correctly. These are the easiest exercises to skip over.

“I know what I am thinking, I don’t need this”, it’s the common rationale.

I also thought I knew exactly what my mind was doing. But then Fabricio asked: “then why are you constantly having the same struggles and problems in your life?”

He continued:

“Is it possible that you’re not as much in control of your thoughts and your mind as you think? Spend just a day particularly aware of what you’re thinking about and what your mind is doing. Just observing. You may be surprised at what you find”

And indeed my thought control was not so absolute as I initially thought. Many random thoughts, many negative thoughts, much lack of control over the thought process and a lot of useless daydreaming and useless thoughts.

Whatever you want to do in terms of magnetism, personal development, manifestation, always starts in your own process of controlling your mind.

Don’t neglect it.

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