Will Power and Magnetic Energy

Here’s a question from a reader:

“Does building your strength of will makes your energy magnetic?”

First of all it’s important to distinguish Will from Will power. Will power is ONE quality of the Will.

But there are more.

Another quality of the Will is the skillful Will and the Good Will and so on. Read Roberto Assagioli “The Act of Will” for more information on the Will and its qualities.

Training your Will power is important, without a doubt. But discovering and using your Will in other situations is also important.

Sometimes it’s not the right decision to use your Will power to force yourself to do something, but instead it would be better to use a more skillful mean of achieving the same objective.

With this distinction, we can now answer the question.

Using your Will, in general, increases the magnetism in your energy. Everything that is automatic (and hence not using your Will) is NOT magnetic, and everything that we place an intention and a strength of the Will, will be magnetic.

So we can say that building your strength of Will creates a more magnetic energy.

Although, it’s not the only thing and will surely not be enough to project to others, unless it’s a very high development level. Even though, it’s an essential part of the training of personal magnetism.

Just remember to complement this development with all the other recommended tools.

Start this personal magnetism journey with the training course 10 Steps to Inner Power:

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