Will You Remember This Email?

If, in 1 hour from now, I asked you about what you read in this email, would you able to tell me?

Obviously I wouldn’t give you a warning that I was going to ask you. It would be completely impromptu.

And if you recalled this information, and it was useful for you, would you have changed something in your life and/or habits due to it? How often does this happen?

Most likely you are reading this email, just like many others in your inbox, with a less than stellar attention and concentration. Skimming through it, as you browse the internet.

Obviously this is not related to Charisma School or these particular emails. It can be about a math blog you follow or a psychology blog or one on computer science. It doesn’t matter.

The questions are always the same:

Are you reading attentively? Can you recall the information? Can you use that information?

Concentrated reading and using the information wisely is a habit.

Maybe it’s just your email that you skim and read with 20% of your attention. Maybe at the rest of your day you can actually have more 100% concentrated time than distracted time.

If that’s the case, I would say it’s not serious. Your mind has a good mental habit of concentration.

But, that’s an exception.

The distracted mind tend to spread around the rest of your day (and life) as well.

While a concentrated mind tends to be used in the rest of your day.

Whether it’s in your work, while reading any book, website or email or even playing with your children or having a dinner with your wife.

Being concentrated is a habit. The same can be said about being distracted.

The more you keep having distracted activities and disorganised thoughts, the harder it will be to apply your concentration in the activities that you really need.

Start the training of your concentration with the Concentration and Mind Control training.

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