Will Specialization

One concept quite predominant in today’s life is the “Will specialization”. It’s very common the tendency to specialize, to do one particular activity very willful and very well, while the rest of the life stays on self-indulgence and sidetracking.For example: maybe you use your Will to go to the gym and workout hard everyday. But later on, when you need it to focus on your work and your projects, there’s no more Will power and you just procrastinate.

For some reason, your Will just vanishes when it’s time to focus on another activity.

I wouldn’t consider this to have a strong Will.

It’s great that you can find the Will to go to the gym everyday, but if then you don’t use it in all aspects of your life, your life will end up disproportionate.

You’ll have a great body but your business projects will end being failures. (for example)

The Will and inner power must encompass all aspects of your life. It’s not enough to just “specialize” in a few of them, and be self-indulgent on the rest.

Having a strong Will is a full time effort that takes time to be fully implemented.

It’s way beyond the 28 days to establish a habit that so many books claim it’s enough.

It’s not.

But one thing is certain: once you put this effort over a certain period of time, it stops being a constant effort and it starts to be just a way of being.

Using the Will ends being a habit as much as being self-indulgent is one. It’s not longer a big effort to just do the things you want to do without procrastination and laziness. It’s just part of your nature.

After the initial period of hardship and effort to sustain the strong Will, you’ll get used to doing it this way and can no longer imagine yourself of being any other way. You’ll only need to use a minor effort to give a gentle nudge to your Will here and there.

Then, it’s no longer a question IF you’re going to finish that project in time or not. You just know this is going to happen.

You just know the activities you decide will be done when you said they will be done.

And this is your normal state of life.

A state of Inner Power.

To begin your journey of increasing your Inner Power start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power in here:

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