Will you get results just by showing up?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“If I do the exercises exactly as scheduled, will I get results?”

It’s inevitable that some results will happen when you follow along any Charisma School training.

But there’s an important caveat that you need to remember.

I’ll explain you with an example: let’s say you have two individuals following a fitness or strength routine.

1) “Tony” goes everyday to the gym, does the exercises exactly as scheduled by his trainer. He is on his cell phone while on the treadmill, daydreaming on the bike, watching youtube while lifting weights, takes a bit longer between exercises. He is overall not present in his training.

2) “Adam” also goes everyday to the gym, does the exercises exactly as scheduled by his trainer. Yet, he is present and focused while there. He tries to understand the exercises as he is doing it, and puts his full effort and attention in his training. He takes responsibility for his training.

It doesn’t take much to realize that Adam is going to get faster and better results than Tony.

As with any training – from mathematics to fitness – you can’t simply “show” up and be absent minded while doing the exercises. This is the same mindset of a high school teenager. He is forced to go to school everyday, but he is not forced to actually wanting to learn.

This is not a robotic training.

You need to understand what you are doing, be present and aware.

If you are doing a mathematics course it would be the exact same thing. It’s not simply about doing the homework and watching the lectures. It’s about getting involved, actually wanting to learn and fully internalize what you learn.

Of course, showing up and actually doing the exercises is important. You need to actually do them in order to get some benefits. But that’s only the first step.

The second step is doing them with awareness, focus and presence.

You’ll get very little gains if you are just doing them for the sake of doing them.

That’s very far from the goal.

And, of course, not all days will be the same. Some days you will be heavily motivated and focused, while others not at all.

Hopefully, most of your days will be heavily motivated and only some will be less than this ideal.

But bad days happen to all of us, and it’s important you don’t get discouraged by them. Just show up the next day willing to do the work with full focus and attention.

There’s also a third step to any training, which I’ll talk on the next email.

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