Women and the Magnetic Gaze

Here’s an interesting question from a student of the gaze?“Do women have the magnetic gaze naturally?”

It depends.

Some women, especially those with a highly developed sexual magnetism, end up developing a certain degree of magnetic gaze naturally.

They want to project sexuality and use all the available means at their disposal, including the gaze but also the touch, words and so on.

I’m sure you’ve probably came across these women at one point of your life one way or the other.

But the only energy they can transmit and use with the gaze is the sexual energy and nothing else.

To say they have a mastery of the magnetic gaze is an exaggerated claim.

They developed a good projection of sexual energy and that’s it.

They don’t really know how to use the magnetic gaze or are even aware of his powers. They know one specific use.

Although not all women have it.

Most women actively repress their energy, and as such, no magnetic gaze is present.

But it happens similarly with men. Although the sexual energy projection through the gaze is not as common.

The tension energy is much more common. Displaying the passion of their goals and objectives and their own charisma through the eyes.

Yet, all this, it’s mostly an unconscious use which happens sparingly.

We want a consistent and deliberate use of the gaze with its full range of powers.

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