You are affecting everyone else

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“In the same manner the Thought-Waves of a person will continue to vibrate around him wherever he goes, and those coming in contact with him will be impressed by the character of his vibrations in this way. Some men send forth gloomy vibrations which you feel when you come in contact with them. Others radiate good-cheer, courage and happiness, which conditions are induced in those with whom they come in contact. Many people manifest these qualities so strongly that one can notice the effect the moment such persons enter a room. They carry their atmospheres with them, and the same is induced in the minds of others around them.

In the same way some people carry with them vibrations of Will Power and Masterfulness which beat upon the minds of others, making them feel the power of such persons and conquering their own will power and changing their desires.

Others manifest a strong power of Fascination or Attraction, in a similar manner, which tends to draw others to them and to their desires and wishes. Not only does this principle operate in the phase of general mental atmospheres, but also in the phase of direct personal influence.”

Remember that the magnetism that you carry with you affects the energy, emotions, and mood of everyone else you come in contact with.

Train it wisely!

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