You are broadcasting what you are trying to hide

We all want to hide something. Maybe it’s something physical – like something you feel uncomfortable about – or maybe it’s something that happened to you.

It could be something like your height, or a pimple, or baldness, or whatever doesn’t conform with the ideal of beauty we have in our society.

But the more you try to hide it, the more you broadcast it into the world.

Attempting to make other people won’t notice means you haven’t accepted it.

It means it’s still something – that is part of you, for better or for worse – that you are repressing or denying.

When you repress these parts of yourself, it’s like you are highlighting them. You are giving them more energy.

So, not only you will think more about them, but you’ll also unwillingly project them more.

And it happens to everyone. We all have certain parts of ourselves that we aren’t comfortable with. And that’s ok.

But when you try to hide them, you are in fact placing a spotlight over them.

You can fix these in two ways:

1) Change – if it can be changed or if you are willing to change. That’s naturally a way to go. Particularly in an age of cosmetic surgery, many physical issues can be fixed. Whether this is good or bad, it’s up to you, I won’t be the judge of that.

2) Accept it. Accept whatever you feel it’s bad and live with it. That’s my preferred approach and what I use. Don’t hide it, but no need to broadcast either. It’s something that’s a part of you.

By accepting it – honestly, inside of yourself – you are removing all the power away from it. It’s like you are preventing your energy from feeding it, and as such, you take the power away.

Remember that thoughts only live if we feed them. When you remove the energy from them, they die.

This is exactly the principle we’re using here. Remove all the energy away from what you are trying to hide by accepting it. Then you stop broadcasting it to the external world.

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