You are decreasing your sexual energy

There’s a big problem when most people start to improve their sexual attraction.

You may realize others aren’t exactly interested in you sexually, so you want to improve this part of your life.

Maybe you start to read online about different types of techniques and methods. Maybe language patterns, routines or gimmicks.

But there’s an inherent problem for many students when they attempt those types of methods.

They end up actually decreasing your sexual energy.

For one simple reason:

You become more internal in situations where you need to be almost completely external.

On interactions, particularly on interactions that you want the other person to feel sexual, you don’t want to be in your head scheming and analyzing scenarios. No, quite the opposite, you need to be fully external with the other person.

Instead of thinking about techniques, or how you should be positioned, or what it’s important to say next, the very first thing you need to be doing is be with the other person.

Physically, mentally and energetically.

You want your full mind and energy in that interaction, as opposed to be thinking and analyzing.

If this is done correctly, the sexual energy will flow much better in that interaction. Instead of only flowing inside of you, it’s flowing to the outside. You are projecting energy as opposed to introjecting it.

Then, you may use whatever method and gimmick you may choose, if this is your cup of tea – but it will no longer be necessary.

Just this aspect alone can increase your odds tenfold. Now, you are IN the interaction, not outside of it.

This is one of the first things you realize when you join the Sexual Magnetism training program. It’s the barebones for improving your own sexual attraction.

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