You are not learning magnetism

It seems paradoxical to say that you are not learning or training magnetism.

You are not doing exercises to increase your magnetism and strengthen it.

In truth, everything you do in the magnetic training is learning how to save and conserve energy.

This is the only way for the magnetism “to grow” – which – in fact – is not growing; it’s simply not wasting it.

I could give you 5 of the most potent magnetism-increasing exercises, and you could do them every day without fail. Yet, your practical results would be only temporary or weak.

Even if you leave your house radiating a powerful magnetism, it’s very easy to lose it all in your first interaction.

Why? Because your magnetism is hindered and wasted away by your leaks, blocks, and defense mechanisms. Maybe that first interaction activates heavy blocks inside of you that consume most of your energy and make it contract (instead of expand).

So you are constantly trying to fill a leaky bucket. Until you start addressing your energy blocks, leaks, and will-wasting mechanisms, the magnetism can’t grow, and your results will only be temporary.

The problem is that it takes radical honesty to face those aspects you prefer to ignore and sweep under the rug.

It’s painful to address them and may reveal a side of you that is not pleasant or nice to look at. Unfortunately, we all have this side that we prefer to avoid seeing or addressing.

Yet, this side of you is precisely what’s keeping you from being magnetic. This wastes your energy; hence, it must be healed and accepted before unleashing your full magnetism.

We prefer to live in a comfortable bubble with our own defense mechanisms and blocks that prevent us from experiencing life differently – in a magnetic way.

When you are ready to face them, start The Unblocking Process.

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