You are responsible

Our culture in general is not suited for telling the truth. We embellish by trying to make things soft and cozy. We all feel much better when we are told it’s not our fault. It’s someone else’s fault. The government. Our parents. Our friends. Our partner.

Everyone but us.

But the harsh truth is needed.

Not having someone embellishing things for us and just tell it as it is is a very good trait for inner power.

Although it’s rejected by society. It’s bad manners to tell someone is their fault.

I’m not going to lie to you… it’s sure very painful to be told the truth by someone, who is completely honest and impartial, reflect things back on yourself.

The first example I had from this was with Fabricio. He constantly told me the harsh truth. And guess what?

It sucked!

In the beginning I was shocked. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe the kind of things he told me.

I was constantly expecting he would ease things down for me and tell me how my parents/friends/government were to blame.

But he never did.

Fabricio told me the harsh truth, he told me how I am responsible for my life and for my current situation.

Not everything or everyone else. But simply me.

Due to this honesty I grew stronger. My inner power developed as I took responsibility for my life.

Because the harsh truth is…

Ultimately, we are the only responsible for the current state of our life.

Of course there are events or situations which are truly random and not our fault, although these are not so common as you would think.

Besides, how we handle and react to them is far more important.

This is what gives you the inner power to be better and become stronger, to improve your own life

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