You are Wasting All Your Energy

One of the laws of personal magnetism written by Shaftesbury is:

“The least magnetic of the so-called non-magnetic people lose each day more vital electricity than is necessary to produce the highest degree of personal magnetism.”

That’s a mouthful! Let’s unpack it.

What this law says is that we all generate vital electricity and magnetism in our everyday lives, yet we lose A LOT of it.

If we didn’t lose it, just with what we already generated in our daily lives, we could have a very high degree of personal magnetism.

So, on many situations, is not as much not generating enough magnetism, but it’s much more about avoid wasting what you already have.

That’s why our initial recommended course is always the 10 Steps to Inner Power.

This is where you learn several dischargers of energy which are present in your mind and the way you are interacting with others.

There’s no point in learning true energy secrets with more advanced charisma School courses when you’re wasting it all away.

One of the biggest causes for failure in Charisma School courses is jumping into all these interesting trainings without first having mastered the basics of magnetism leakage with the 10 Steps.

If you are doing all these powerful energy exercises to give you more power, but then, your mind keeps dripping away all the magnetism you generated, you’ll have to do these exercises all day long in order to generate sufficient magnetism.

It’s like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in the bottom.

So we recommend the 10 Steps to Inner Power to first fix all your Inner Power issues:

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