You become what you give your attention to

The Greek philosopher Epictetus said:

“You become what you give your attention to”.

Nothing could be truer than this. It’s true in different layers.

In the most superficial layer, think about your normal everyday life. Where do you usually place your attention? What do you usually do? Are you focused mostly on work related matters? Or maybe in relationships? Or even nothing at all, and you spend a big chunk of your day procrastinating by browsing the internet or watching TV shows?

What do your external focus say about you? How do they reflect you?

In the next layer, what keeps popping up in your mental images and inner voice? What are you giving your attention inside of yourself? Where are you focus on and keep on thinking about? Any ruminating thoughts?

What do your internal thoughts and mental images say about you?

In a deeper layer, how is the quality of your attention? Jumping around? Fixed or one-pointed? Internal or external?

What do the quality of your attention say about you?

We can keep going down the rabbit hole, but this should give you an idea.

If you honestly and deeply answer these questions you’ll notice that they reflect what you are pretty closely. And we’re only talking about attention. Nothing else.

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