You don’t need that much energy

Magnetism (personal or sexual) requires much less energy than you think.

You don’t need a huge energy boost to be magnetic, although you can easily think that.

You may think that you’re really low on magnetism, so you need to increase it.

And it may be true that you’re low on magnetism… but that doesn’t mean that your only solution is to get more energy.

You don’t need that significant amount of energy. Instead, you should discover how we are losing it.

Otherwise, even the best and most efficient energy exercises won’t help you. Instead, you’ll be filling a leaking bucket. Regardless of how much water you put in, it will constantly be dripping the water away. How fast or slow depends on your leaks.

That’s why specific techniques you find in other traditions like yoga or chi-kung, as helpful as they may be to grow your energy and magnetism, will only help you so far.

If your bucket keeps leaking, you’ll need to keep doing increasing energy exercises just to maintain a certain amount of energy and a good magnetism.

But that’s not the most efficient way of handling it. After a certain threshold, you don’t need that much maintenance exercises. You just need to be sure you’re not leaking energy away.

And this is related to how aware you are of your energy, mental processes, bodily movements and so forth.

The more aware you are of how you are wasting away your energy, the easier it is to fix it.

That’s why we created our new Advanced Energy Mastery training, so you can dive really deep into the way your energy works, and it’s easy to identify where your blocks are, what is being handled inefficiently inside and so on.

More information here:
>>> Advanced Energy Science

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