You don’t “think” attraction

As you delve into the realms of energy and magnetism, one thing becomes abundantly clear:

People follow their body and energy over intellectual analysis.

As much as we wish to be very rational and independent thinkers, as human beings, we remain deeply connected to our most basic impulses.

At the same time, this connection works to our advantage.

When we use magnetism this is exactly what we are doing. When others feel drawn to our energy it’s not a rational decision.

No one says that they are sexually attracted to someone after careful deliberation.

On the contrary, it occurs within the first few seconds, with rationalization coming later. We feel it, and only then do we think about it.

It’s only after the attraction has taken root that we begin to navigate it through thoughts like, “Well, I like him because he’s funny and has a great personality,” or “I like her because she’s brunette and nurturing.”

While these thoughts may be true, the attraction itself is entirely unconscious and immediate.

No one will “think” to know whether they are attracted to you or not. Either they are or they aren’t. Thinking only comes after the unconscious decision is made.

This entire process revolves around an exchange of energies occurring within the first few seconds of any interaction. It’s at this moment that everyone decides whether they respect you, feel attracted to you, consider themselves superior to you, or think they can push you around.

Hence, the significance of magnetism in your life.

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