You look like you get a lot of action

Here’s an interesting comment from a Sexual Energy Mastery student:

“This one lady came over while I was talking to someone, I noticed her and she started talking to my friend. A few seconds later she turns around and looks at me and says “You look like you get a lot of action” and I looked down and back up and I just continue my conversation with the other person. It was hilarious and I wasn’t expecting it but it did make me realize that I was emanating a different energy than before.”

This is a very good sign and that’s exactly how you WANT to look when you develop your sexual magnetism.

You want people looking at you and thinking sex – not because the way you are dressed or the way you style your hair – but by the very nature of your energy.

What you want is NOT to dress slutty to make it look like you get a lot of action, or to tell a lot of sexual jokes… not at all!

What you want is to BE sexual.

That’s what you achieve when you change your energy. It doesn’t matter what you say or how you dress, still you will look “like someone who gets a lot of action”.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like you should never change the way you dress or style your hair or your personal style.

You can do it as you feel like it. Or to become congruent to your identity. Just avoid it as an obvious attempt to become sexual, since the most important aspect is the change in your own energy.

Change the internal and the external will follow.

I have an interesting (and common) experience that illustrates this issue very well.

Some days when I’m shopping for clothes, regardless of what I try, it all looks very well on me! Stylish, classical, fashionable, it’s like I can pull off all of them.

Yet, on other days, regardless of what I try, nothing suits me very well. Even the same clothes would not look particularly good on me.

As I discuss this phenomenon with more people, I found I wasn’t the only one. Pretty much everyone I talked to often goes through the same.

Naturally, it’s all related to the energy component. Depending on the quality of your energy, you’ll feel better or worse with certain clothes on.

After I understood my energy better, I could immediately know beforehand whether this will be a “look good” shopping or a “look bad” shopping and I end up staying home or changing my energy.

The same way that your internal energy affects the way your clothes look on you, they also affect the way you look to other people.

The sooner you start your Sexual Energy Mastery training, the sooner you can do your own energy makeover!

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