You won’t be charismatic in your bedroom

There’s often a mis-comprehension about the charisma training.

Although we, in Charisma School, have a method based on energy and inner power, it doesn’t mean that you will need to go into a retreat, isolated from society to develop your charisma.

Not at all!

This magnetic development is done within the society. Not outside of it.

Also, you won’t be charismatic if you never leave your house and barely have any social experiences.

As much as you feel charismatic and magnetic within your bedroom, the true practice is always outside.

You can’t expect to be a charisma god when you socialize once a year.

Charisma, or any type of magnetism, won’t be projected when you are as tense as an iron stick, which is precisely what happens when you rarely get out of the house to a social event.

There’s a certain anxiety and tension that tends to pop up in social events when you are rarely out.

This tension will stop your projection.

That’s why you need to already be fairly comfortable in social situations which will only happen with frequency.

There’s a certain momentum that helps your charismatic efforts when you go out often. Even if nothing goes well in the beginning, it doesn’t matter. You start to relax, socialization becomes easier and it’s easier to allow your energy to come through.

But this part of the process is necessary to develop your charisma.

It’s not like you can go to a mountain, spend 30 days in a retreat and come back a charismatic God!

Far from it.

As good as all that energetic training can be, you’ll still need the social practice. Nothing can replace “simple” interactions.

And yes, you’ll still crash and burn until socialization is 100% comfortable for you. Only at this stage can your projection effortlessly come out.

For those who are not extroverts it may take some inner power and Will in order to take the first steps. That’s one of the traits we work in the 10 Steps to Inner Power.

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