There’s an important aspect of any training on sexual energy.

When you are doing this training, it doesn’t mean that you ONLY train sexual energy.

This energy doesn’t exist in isolation in your system. You never work ONLY sexual energy alone – or sexual traumas or blocks.

It’s all connected… and as you discover and unblock different parts of sexual energy you are also connecting with deep rooted issues of your system.

And this goes for whatever energy training you do – not just sexual energy.

Our internal energetic system is complex.

When you are working with it, you aren’t just affecting your energy. You are affecting your body, your emotions, your mind and so on.

This is easily understood if you consider that if you are doing regular physical exercise, you overall feel better, your mood improves, your energy flows better.

And this is only something you are doing in your physical body.

The same way when you have a big promotion with a huge salary increase, you feel happy, your body feels light, your energy changes.

And, again, nothing happened in your physical body, it was only an emotional event.

Everything affects everything.

So when you work with sexual energy, of course it will influence everything else in your system in a positive way.

When you release certain sexual energy blocks, all of a sudden, everything else flows better inside of you.

It’s not like that particular block was only in the “sexual energy highway” and all the other energies had their own private highways.

Not at all!

There are only a few major highways in your energetic system and if the “sexual energy truck” has an accident there, all the other energies will need to find alternate routes – which are slower and not as efficient as the main highway.

But as soon as that accident with the “sexual energy truck” is cleared, then all the other energies can return to their usual path – a more efficient and faster path.

So you are never just working with sexual energy alone. You are influencing everything in your whole system.

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