Your habits and you

Here’s an interesting quote by Frederick Bailes:

“Students sometimes wonder whether they must give up certain habits in order to make their demonstration. We are not keepers of morals and, at this point, place no restrictions upon the student. We feel that each person can and will make his own decisions about his habits. The student probably will continue with whatever he is doing until he has a persistent uneasy feeling about it. Then, whatever he quits, or whatever new habit he takes on, will be as a result of his own growing consciousness, and will therefore be right for him.

Standards of morals and ethics vary so much that no teacher can tell anyone what is ”good’or “bad.”

To some, the eating of flesh is bad; to others, the use of tea, coffee, tobacco, or alcohol is reprehensible. Habits that are accepted in some countries are frowned upon in others. It is not so long ago that a person would be refused membership in some churches unless he promised to forsake theater, cards, dancing. Today they are a part of church activities.

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Quite obviously, this does not refer to gross sins but only to those debatable and minor details of one’s personal life.

Each one must decide for himself. The guide should be, “Does this practice hinder my spiritual development, or is it definitely destructive to me or to someone else?” If so, it should be out of the life.”

As Frederick Bailes expertly writes, much more than anyone telling you what to do, remember to develop your awareness so that you can clearly see what is good or bad for you and your own path.

This is what we start to develop in the course:
>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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