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Your mind habits define how you behave in the world and often, your level of success. All the New Thought authors like Atkinson, Holmes, Goddard, talk about this at length and recognize the huge importance of your thoughts.Most of them discuss only about the contents of your thoughts. But this principle goes far beyond that. Not only should you be aware – and control – the contents of your thoughts but you also need to be aware of many other mind habits that may be slowing you down.

Let’s talk about just a few of them:

– Concentration: the ability to focus your mind on whatever you desire with the intensity and the time length you desire. This is one of the most important KEYS for your personal and professional success. It’s hard not to put this skill on the top row.

You can notice if this is lacking in you if it’s hard to stay focused on any given topic/task for a longer period of time. Or if you keep switching around tasks or projects.

– Theory of the mind: putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Can you think about how your actions affect other people? Can you feel what the other person might be feeling?

What you do always affects other people. Think about it before taking an action.

This ability allows you to create a great empathy as well as to avoid the negative effects based on your actions to bounce back to you.

– Mental elaboration: the ability to elaborate your own thoughts, reflections, actions, behaviors. To carefully assess your situation.

You can easily analyze your level of mental elaboration by your own outputs: by what you say, what you write, your emails, your speeches among others.

It will be hard to evolve in anything you do without a good mental elaboration. If you are sloppy and lazy in what you say or write, you are also sloppy and lazy inside your own mind.

– Thought Awareness: the ability to be aware and control your own thoughts. Although this seems easy and we’d all like to think we perfectly control our own thoughts, this is rarely the case.

Once you can let go of the illusion that you are in control, it’s when you’ll finally be able to control them and know the truth.

– Using your Will: being able to do what you decide to do and sticking with it even when it’s not so easy, it’s a mind habit that is absolutely crucial for your success in the world.

Pretty much all those who have done amazing accomplishments, talked about their ability to persevere, to do what they needed to do even when the whole world was against them.

The Will is crucial in this aspect.

We develop many of these crucial mind habits on the training:
>>> Concentration and Mind Control

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