your own boundaries

One of the keys to having powerful relationship with other people is about having your boundaries well established.

In other words, what are you willing to do or not do in your relationships?

As we’ve see many times before, you lose your power, your magnetism and Will when you are doing something you don’t want to do.

Particularly when you have a “moral” obligation to act in a certain way. Or something you know you “should” do but don’t want it.

If it’s something you should do but you don’t WANT to do – and your life is filled with these type of obligations – you’ll constantly lose your Will and inner power.

It seems like your life is not decided by you, but instead by this sense of obligation. No one can have a strong Will in this conditions.

So, your boundaries need to leave this well established.

What do you WANT to do for this person? What are you willing to do?

Of course, I’m sure you would willing to go to extra lengths for your close family than by someone you just met. Your boundaries change depending on the person.

That’s normal and expected.

But regardless of how close someone is, you need to be careful. Particularly if you’re constantly thinking like you are having an obligation or duty.

How soft or how hard your boundaries are depend on how manipulative the other person is. And unfortunately, sometimes close family members can be manipulative.

Often, you may feel the “moral obligation”, the “shoulds”, especially with a manipulative close family member who often plays that card.

This is where is particularly important to establish HARD boundaries. What’s your limit? What are you willing and NOT willing to do? Should you create a distance?

Each situation is different and this all depends a lot on the different characteristics to set out your own personal boundaries, but it’s very important that you do.

It’s the only way to maintain your Will and inner power.

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