Your own personal atmosphere

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“You will readily see, from what has been said, that the “Personal Atmospheres” of persons depend upon the character of their mental states, and are the result of the mental currents emanating from them. Every person has his or her own mentative aura, or body of radiant mentative energy, which flows from them in all directions.

These mentative atmospheres affect the people with whom one comes in contact. You know people who seem to carry with them an atmosphere of “feeling” which affects a roomful of people, or even a building. This atmosphere may be positive or negative in its effect—that is, stimulating or depressing.

All of these things arise in the way which I have mentioned. It is related of Rachel, the great French actress, that although she was not beautiful in form or face, still she had that indescribable charm of personality about her that caused everyone to consider her a beautiful woman, so great was her fascinating charm.

That which so many call “Personal Magnetism,” as distinguished from Personal Force, consists of this mentative atmosphere, or radiant mentative energy, which induces in all within its field a feeling of similar emotion or vibration. The charm of the “fascinating person” is accounted for in the same way. It is all a matter of the mentative currents inducing feeling in others. The power called “Fascination,” which has been known in all times and countries, arises from the same cause. It operates by the strong mentative currents pouring from one’s
mind, and inducing mental states in others.

The mentative force emanating from each individual creates a mental atmosphere around him which often extends a considerable distance from his body, especially in the case of strong individuals, whose mental atmosphere is felt when they enter a room or public place. Persons whose personality is weaker have a mental atmosphere extending only a few inches from their bodies, and which is scarcely perceptible to those coming in contact with them.

The man who feels himself to be dynamic individual carries with him an aura of mental atmosphere of positive strength, which is plainly felt by those coming in contact with him. People say about such a man that he “has something about him” which impresses them, but which they fail to understand. It will be worth your while to study this mental atmosphere of some strong man with whom you come in contact, for now that you have the secret of the matter you may take some valuable lessons from him.

I cannot very well describe this “air” to you, for unless you have met a man of this kind you will not understand it. But it is a very different thing from the pompous, self-sufficient, self-important, fussy air and demeanor manifested by the cheap imitators of these great men.

The dynamic individual does not tell you how great, or smart, or important he is—he leaves that for his cheap imitators; he makes you feel his strength by his very manner and atmosphere, without saying a word. He has that “something about him” that people notice and wonder at.”

Such is the power of personal magnetism!

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