Your self-deceptive tendencies

Your energy can uncover many valuable insights — if only you truly listen and avoid dismissing it.

What you want to do in life is usually filled with many delusions and self-deceptive tendencies. I certainly have them as well and wasn’t immune to them (and I’m still not). Throughout my life, as I understood my energy better, the path became clearer.

Even though you’ll never be 100% immune to your self-deceptive tendencies and animal impulses, you can start to see a clear path in front of you.

Think of it like driving on a foggy road; suddenly, the fog lifts, and you can see straight ahead. You might not know exactly where the road leads, but you can see the path right in front of you.

What’s sometimes missed is that getting this clarity means looking deep inside yourself and your energy — specifically, your impulses to action, your fears, your needs, and your desires.

Without this awareness, you’ll remain enslaved to them, reacting to your impulses, fears, needs, and desires.

It’s as if these aspects act as the fog, obstructing your vision. To clear it, you need to switch on your strong headlights.

By infusing expansive magnetism into these impulses and selfish desires, you not only unblock them but also gain freedom, clarifying your life path.

The road ahead begins to unfold.

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