Your thoughts are not gospel!

A student asked me why we need to pay attention to our thoughts.

And while there seems to be an obvious answer, it’s not so obvious.

Your inner voice, your thoughts in general can literally make or break you.

It’s very easy to quit a good business idea because your thoughts are telling you that you aren’t good enough or you’re not going to make it or someone else is better than you.

It’s also very easy to start with a good business idea when your thoughts are telling you how perfect this idea is and how much money you are going to make from it.

Unrealistic thoughts or negative thoughts… neither are good (but, of course, at least strive toward the positive!)

What you need to learn is that just because something is popping into your mind, it doesn’t mean it’s gospel.

It’s not like a divine being is planting these thoughts in your mind. If this was the case, most people in the world would have far more positive thoughts!

You don’t need to follow through on whatever pops up. You can reflect on it. You can change it. You can transform it.

That’s the true secret of thought control: don’t accept it at face value. Just because it’s inside your mind, it doesn’t mean is true and you should accept it without reflection.

There are all kinds of reasons for negative thoughts or non-productive thoughts would appear inside your mind. From past conditionings, unconscious beliefs programming, and so on.

But, whatever may be the case, they can be transformed.

They don’t need to be accepted at face value. Particularly, you need to keep in mind what is good – or bad – for your well being and overall magnetism.

I’m sure you understand that having a little voice inside telling you’re not good enough is not in any way good for you or for your magnetism.

So why do you keep accepting these thoughts inside of you? Why not transform them?

It’s completely within your power to do it.

Even if is hard in the beginning, it gets exponentially easier as time goes by. Negative thoughts come by less and less as your energy changes to more positive. Changing them into actually useful thoughts also gets easier.

And most importantly, your life radically changes as your thoughts also change.

Start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training for a radical make over of your own mind and Will!

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