Your training is not a straight line

As much as I would like to consider Charisma School trainings as a straight line from beginning to end, they rarely go this way.

It’s more of a zig zag line. Just because you have done the recommended one week of a particular exercise it doesn’t mean you are completely over with it.

You may need to go back to it. You may need to do more sessions with it. Or you may need to modify it (or learn it better) to get its full benefits.

The milestones you need to aim are never regarding one week of this or one week of that. It’s always about the results you get and skills you develop – even if there are always recommended time-frames.

All the trainings have certain skills you need to develop until you reach a certain point (which is the outcome of the training).

And skill development is never a straight line. It always go up and down and endure several modifications in the meantime.

If you ever learned any skill you know this to be the truth.

That’s one of the reasons of why I offer lifetime access and support.

I don’t want you to feel pressured to finish the training in X amount of weeks.

Take YOUR time.

The time you have available and your own specific conditions, which are different from your next door neighbor.

In fact, the first time you do one of these trainings is probably not going to be your last.

You do one training now, and you get some results due to your specific current condition. Yet, if you do it again 2 years from now, you get completely different results.

You already have plenty of more experience and knowledge which allows you to experience the same exercises in a completely different light.

This has been the experience of many students… and my own as well.

I remember learning some of the early exercises – particularly for the Magnetic Gaze – and not thinking much about them. I’ve done them without truly understanding what I was doing or why.

Yet, 6 months later, with new found knowledge and experience, it felt like I was doing a completely new exercise with completely new insights to be gained from it!

I even felt stupid for not having realized it the first time.

A year later, same phenomenon.

5 years later, again!

And even now I learn new shades of those same exercises that I’ve never thought before. I’ve definitely learned that with these type of exercises you’re never truly over with them.

But that’s a good thing!

It doesn’t mean you are stupid or dumb for not having realized it.

It means you are evolving. It means you now have more awareness than you had 6 months or a year ago.

So don’t be so quick in “I’ve done that exercise for a week, that’s enough I can dismiss it”. You may be losing a valuable growth opportunity!

Take as much as you can from the exercises and training. Reflect, consider, practice them, experience them and you’ll realize that when you repeat them next year, a whole new world opens up!

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