Your Will is your Freedom

We have thousands of different impulses during our day. Your body unconsciously sends you what it wants you to do.

Maybe it’s eating. Maybe it’s going to the bathroom. Maybe it’s moving your leg. Maybe screaming with someone.

Whatever it is, it’s an impulse your body sends you.

Let’s say you have important work to do. Yet, you are receiving several bodily impulses to get away from the desk – probably to go for a coffee or call someone, maybe an “important” home task you must do.

This is what is commonly called procrastination. Different impulses that are contradictory to what you actually want to do. And they are, in fact, pleasurable. Your body rewards you with pleasure when you do what it wants.

Here we can immediately notice how the more significant pleasurable feeling, or the impulses you may feel, are often not the best for you in the long run.

Something you immediately and intensely feel is often not connected to your Will. And more often than not, it’s the smaller feeling inside you.

Being connected to your Will, or acting through your Will, means you can be conscious of both of these feelings and choose the one more connected with your TRUE want.

The keyword here is CHOOSE, your choice; hence, your freedom is the true mark of your Will and a magnetic individual.

It’s not a choice if you are only being pulled by the strongest pleasurable feeling while ignoring your true want. This is what animals do. They have bodily impulses, and they act on them. That’s not what we consider Will.

The Will is not restraint. Quite the opposite. It’s not being chained to your impulses. Automatically doing what your body and mind say is restraint and slavery. Being able to choose is freedom.

Your Will is a deep internal power, a genuine connection with your center. It’s a consciousness and an awareness of a deep part of you that is beyond momentary pleasure or whatever you may feel in your body.

It’s your ability to CHOOSE. Your FREEDOM.

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