Balancing your obligations

Here’s an interesting question from a student based on the previous email.

“how can you balance the obligations with the WANTs you mentioned on the previous email?”

The student here is asking about the obligations that we all have in life. I’m sure you do things you would prefer not to do.

If you could skip taking out the trash, I’m sure you would. Or washing the dishes. Or bigger things, like maybe your work.

But you need to make money, so you go to work.

It’s an “obligation”. It’s a “SHOULD”.

The problem here is not that you need to make money – we all do. The problem is about owning your life choices and behaviors.

Fortunately, we’re no longer in a society that allows slavery, so you can choose what you want to work in. Maybe it’s not easy for certain types of jobs, but still there are plenty of options available.

But you do need to OWN what you do.

In simpler terms, I take out the trash, clean the house or wash the dished because I want to live in a clean environment. It’s not that I particularly enjoy doing those activities, but I WANT the result they give me – a clean house.

Therefore, I own the activities that allow me to get that result. So I take out the trash, clean the house and wash the dishes. I OWN those activities because they allow me to get something that I truly want: a clean house.

I don’t do them out of obligation or because I “should”. No, this is something I WANT, my own goal, my own Will. Hence, I don’t lose my inner power over doing them.

The problem arises when you are doing things out of obligation and because you should. It’s like someone else is forcing you to (even if that someone else is inside of you!).

This is PRECISELY where you lose your power.

If you are constantly living a life of obligations – as opposed of owning your actions and behaviors -, it’s important that you re-visit your choices. Re-visit your actions and behaviors. What alternatives do you have? Can you establish plans to do what you truly WANT to do? What behaviors and actions do you need to OWN to actually maintain and increase your power?

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