Consequences of negative thoughts

In the previous email, we discussed how you should develop a mental attitude that makes you strong and discard what renders you weak.

At first glance, this may look quite obvious. Why on earth would you cultivate a mental attitude that makes you weak?

Nobody in his right mind would do that.

Yet, we do it all the time.

We have negative thoughts, negative beliefs, negative emotions, negative energy, and so on.

All those make us weak by the minute.

Just spend 20 minutes entertaining negative thoughts about something, and you’ll immediately feel bad for quite some time.

Now imagine if you do it most of your day.

How can you have any magnetism this way?

It will be improbable. Unless you have created quite a good social mask.

A depressive and negative thought, emotion, or belief will always make your energy contract. Not expand, as we need for magnetism.

If you have even the weakest energy awareness, you’ll immediately notice this.

Hence, frequent negativity in your mind, body, or energy will reduce your magnetism. It’s simple logic at work.

You can have a good “magnetic mask” that apparently hides the negativity and expands the magnetism. In other words, you have created a mask that projects what you want to project, repressing everything else inside.

Marilyn Monroe was famous for doing that. She had a very sensual and extroverted character that projected what everyone wanted from her while hiding her true personality – eventually culminating in the disastrous consequences we all know.

While this is something you can do, of course, it’s not what we in Charisma School teach and what we defend.

We work from the ground up, changing your negative thoughts and contracting energy to ensure you project what you are inside. And what you are is precisely what you want to be.

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