Having needs and fears

In the previous email, we discussed how becoming aware of what you are inside – your energy, your impulses, desires, and needs – can help you clear obstacles and see your path more clearly.

Now, let’s ask a crucial question: what’s wrong with having needs, fears, and being guided by certain impulses felt in your body? Is this such a bad thing?

After all, we all share common human experiences of fears, needs, wants, desires, and impulses. It’s a part of being human, something we recognize in ourselves and others.

So, what’s the big deal?

The issue isn’t having these feelings; it’s about letting them control you. If your fear impulse takes complete control in an extreme situation, nothing else gets done—it becomes the ruling force, like an animal impulse overpowering your Will.

The same goes for any need. Consider what happens when you’re REALLY hungry or desperately need to use the bathroom—you can’t see anything else in front of you.

You might say that these are extreme examples, and in our daily lives, we can control these needs, fears, and impulses. For example, we’re not usually that desperate to find food since we just need to open the refrigerator.

And that’s true… to a certain degree.

While we might not feel as desperate as the extreme examples, other needs, fears, and impulses still influence our behavior and actions.

It’s just less obvious.

It may not be an uncontrollable desire for food, but various impulses continually drive us. As much as we would like to think of our behaviour as very rational, a simple and careful observation of our daily life will tell us otherwise.

For instance, scrolling through photos of attractive women on your phone is driven by a desire for sex. Going to social events may stem from the same desire or a fear of being alone. Social media addiction is fueled by distinct impulses and desires. Anxiety during public speaking is rooted in a different fear, and the list goes on.

It’s not like you’re trying to be a perfect human being – being free from animal impulses, fears, and desires – but about integrating them within yourself. Becoming aware of your actions, behaviors, and impulses allows you to decide on your actions from a different viewpoint than feeling forced to follow them.

This, indeed, is freedom.

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