Integrating what you fear

Last week, we talked about how blocks protect you from something and how essential it is to understand what that block is protecting you from.

The reasoning behind it is pretty simple. You are fearing something – and hence, you are protecting yourself against it – the problem is that, more often than not, we have no idea what we actually fear.

You may think that you fear interacting with a possible romantic partner on a date. That’s why you become anxious and nervous.

But in reality, there’s another fear here.

One that is a lot more profound.

Until you integrate this deeper fear, the more superficial one will always manifest itself since it simply reflects the deeper one.

Maybe that anxiety that you feel interacting with a possible romantic partner is indeed something straightforward. If it is, healing will also be straightforward.

Most likely, a few exercises or repetitions and it will be done.

More often than not, it’s more complex. You may try to heal it in many ways, but you find it insufficient.

It’s because there’s a deeper root cause here. A fear that wasn’t yet faced. A pain that was felt but not grieved.

Until you integrate these deeper feelings inside of you, the same symptoms – or worse – will continue to manifest themselves.

The problem is that it’s often not easy to discover these deeper feelings. They are buried within layers of protective mechanisms that are doing their job in repressing most of it.

That’s why a deep dive within yourself is necessary to integrate what you are avoiding, whether due to fear, sadness, or anger.

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