Integration of your desires

In the previous email, we discussed how your Will is not about simply following or repressing your wishes and desires. We discussed getting to know them and becoming aware of them as the first step.

Now what do you do after you become aware of them? The second step is to integrate them.

Once you are aware of them, you know how they move and behave, the thoughts associated with them, and the actions you take based on those desires.

This awareness is crucial to integration.

Integration is about not resisting that energy but not necessarily immediately acting out on it. It’s to use your Will to accept that energy without necessarily giving in to it.

This means that you feel it and accept it without acting on it. This is quite different than repression, which means to deny and suppress it.

It’s also about understanding what is essential for your functioning and what is superfluous. You know you need to eat to live. But do you really need that big mac with extra fries and a large coke? Notice what a superfluous desire is and what is essential.

It’s not about never indulging and never eating that big mac; it’s about indulging in what is truly meaningful to you in what you actually WANT as opposed to blind indulging – the blind following of desires and instincts.

Integration is also about understanding your own conflicts and blocks. We know sex is a biological drive, a desire we all have. But how does your desire manifest itself? Are you repressing it? Are you overindulging? What exactly do you feel inside.

The real problem in all of this is honesty.

Honesty towards yourself because our mind gets clouded when overflowing with those animal desires. Maintaining awareness is hard because our mind tricks us into giving in.

That’s why we must train our Will to maintain this awareness with full honesty, which is already quite an arduous task. Start your Will training with the course:
>>> Will Mastery

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