It’s not about what you say, it’s about…

On the last email we talked about being sexual and projecting sexuality to make someone feel this sexuality in their body.

This gives you a great key to all magnetic and charismatic work:

It’s not about what you say, it’s about what you make them feel.

You can have the most interesting tidbits of knowledge, the most interesting life in the world, yet, if when you interact with someone, they don’t feel anything, then you are not being magnetic.

Monotony is a killer of all magnetism.

Emotions are the key.

Everyone around you must be FEELING something (hopefully something good!) when talking to you. Those feelings and emotions are what create the impact.

We talk about energy, Will, magnetism, exercises and so forth, but these are only means to an end – at least regarding the impact you have on someone else.

Simply put: Make them feel good, and you will be magnetic.

This only happens if you are projecting these type of feelings, emotions and energy. If you, yourself are neutral – a wallflower – then, this is what people will feel when they interact with you.

Think about everyone else you interact with as a mirror. They will reflect what you are projecting. They will be feeling what you are projecting.

If you are projecting sexual energy and sexuality, this is what they are going to feel.

If you are projecting compassion, good feelings, this is what they are going to feel.

If you are projecting hate, this is what they are going to feel.

(I know this is a simplistic way of looking at it – there’s much more to be said about it, but it’s enough to understand this very important key)

Of course, your projection needs to be strong enough for that. If your projection is not strong, then they simply won’t be feeling anything – regardless of what you are feeling. That’s why I chose my words very carefully here: If you are PROJECTING.

This goes like this:

Your own internal feeling -> (strong) projection -> reaction from other people

In terms of sexual energy, you need to be feeling the sexual energy all over your body flowing freely, then project it strongly, then you’ll have a strong sexual reaction from others.

To improve your own sexual projection start with the training:
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