Magnetism only works because….

I wanted to elaborate a bit more on what we discussed on the previous email, about magnetism being an unfair advantage. Particularly as to why it works.

Magnetism only works because we are emotional creatures, as opposed to rational.

This may come as a shock, especially if you pride yourself of your rational abilities.

But you’re are overall much more emotional than rational.

(and no, it’s not just you – we’re all the same!)

You are much more influenced by your emotions and energy than by your rational mind.

That’s why it’s important for you to be aware of it.

If you’re not aware of your energy and emotions, you won’t know that you’re being influenced by it.

They will be there, with lots of internal movements, influencing everything – including your rational mind.

All your decisions are influenced by this energy – both internal and external – as well as your emotions. And you will still think you’re being rational.

Yet, a deep awareness will reveal otherwise, as all students of Will Mastery know.

Once you become more aware of what you feel, you’ll know that first comes the energy, the emotion, the feeling, and only then it arrives to the rational mind.

Your decision making comes after this “influence”.

Of course, this is all internal and external. You could feel something from the outside – someone else or some place else influencing you – or it could come from your own self.

Either way, energy arrives first and then modulates everything else. Hence the reason of why I’m always insisting in your own awareness of energy and whatever happens inside.

It’s absolutely fundamental for everything in life, including all your decisions – even the ones that you think are purely rational.

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