Mind the gap

In the last email, we discussed the gap between your ideal self and your real self and how this can affect your overall mental health.

But it can also be a way to improve your inner power, mainly by studying and observing what you do.

What exactly do you do about this gap?

**Have you given up trying to reach your ideal self?**
Maybe your idea self was too high, or you have a low threshold for failure.

**How are you trying to reach your ideal self?**
By a constant striving where nothing is ever enough? Or by small, consistent actions every day? By massive amounts of action?

**How do you feel where you currently are?**
Are you in a pit of depression because you hate your real self? How’s your inner voice about your current state in life? Are you settled without any motivation to go forward?

**Did this gap change over time?**
Have you adjusted your ideal self or always had the same in mind? Have you been progressing there? Does it seems like it’s always far away, or have you been reaching closer?

Whatever those answers are, they can give you a good way to observe your inner power and your internal mechanisms.

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