Our thoughts affect us, not only temporarily, but permanently

Here's a relevant quote from William Walker Atkinson: "We are all influenced much more than we are aware by the thoughts of others. I do not mean by their opinions, but by their thoughts. A great writer on the subject very truly says : "Thoughts are Things." They are...

Different types of thought-waves

Here's an interesting quote from William Walker Atkison - with some notes from me: "Thought-Waves are manifested in a variety of forms and phases. Some are the waves emanated from the minds of all thinkers, unconsciously and without purpose, and usually without much...

We are the Result of Our Thoughts

William Walker Atkinson wrote: "All that we are or ever will be is the result of what has been thought" Our thoughts - which include our mental states - construct our identity and what we are. If you change the mental states that you usually have, you change what you...

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